My puffy bears

There is nothing else more beautiful than May in North Europe, when warm and wet weather finally arrives and all the plants sprout just in one night.  Mother nature press a magic button, and all the greenery starts to change it`s garment into the eyes. It`s the time when I always keep something in my hands – or my hoe (weeds are also growing in a cosmic speed), or my photo camera, because after a hour or two some of delightful moments may already be gone.

I hope i won`t upset perennial plant lovers, but more than flowers in May i like conifers, growing their new shoots  and replacing an “old fur”. All the conifers, even the simplest tree in the woods,  dress much brighter and softer  in spring. I love this time, when hedgehogs transform into wonderful puffy bears!

Please check some shots of my conifers. Click on a pic to make it bigger.

Sitkin? egl? Papoose Tenais Baltoji egl? Blue Planet Tikroji metasekvoja Goldrush Dygioji egl? Waldbrunn
Dygioji egl? Glauca Pendula Europinis kukmedis Repens Aurea Paprastoji egl? Nidiformis Pilkasis k?nis Compacta
Subalpinis k?nis Compacta Menturinis sk?tk?nis Paprastoji egl? Pumila Kalnin? pušis

© Giedra Bartas, 2015


  1. Thanks for sharing your garden observations! I’m glad we don’t all live the same things. Imagine how boring that would be.

  2. I mean to type “love” not “live.”

    clumsy fingers!

  3. This is a lovely website and your photos are stunning! Great job and happy gardening! 🙂

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